About Us

Wilderness Wind’s mission is to nurture our relationships with nature through wilderness living that promotes  cooperation  and environmental sustainability.


What is Wilderness Wind?


It is an experience that includes:

  • wilderness travel and awareness
  • re-examining our relationship with nature
  • relationship building
  • self-discovery
  • solitude
  • wildlife
  • skill enhancement

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Wilderness Wind (WW) offers wilderness experiences for individuals and groups regardless of skill level and experience. Wilderness Wind  has a Lakeside Retreat with a large yurt and four cabins on Armstrong Lake. Whether you are interested in a canoe trip or staying at the cabins, we work to tailor the experience to the interests and abilities of your group.








Where is Wilderness Wind?

Nestled along the 49th parallel is a great expanse of wilderness covering more than 1 million acres. This wilderness area is known as the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (Minnesota, USA) and the Quetico (Ontario, Canada). The commitment to the preservation of these areas allows visitors to see and experience them as they have been for centuries: pristine, quiet and challenging. Traveling on the hundreds of miles of canoe routes also gives us a glimpse of the history as we imagine the lives of Native peoples, French fur traders, and logging crews. Click here for more information on Superior National Forest.

As you paddle through some of the nearly 2,000 lakes you will note a landscape like no other. This region, created by glaciers, is a network of rivers, streams and portages. You will camp at designated sites with only your group. Each site within the Boundary Waters includes a fire grate and latrine. In the Quetico, there are no improvements to the campsites and you can camp in any suitable location.

While in the Northwoods, some visitors need a few last-minute items before their canoe trip. Ely is  10 miles from the Lakeside cabins. Though Ely is not a large town, it offers a wide variety of goods and services. Canoe campers can get clothing, fishing supplies and bait, and photo finishing. Lakeside guests will be able to find laundry facilities, groceries, more information about area trails, as well as visit the International Wolf Center, participate in Ely festivals and relax in locally owned restaurants. See below to find more information about the Ely and surrounding area.