Whether you’re interested in trip logistics, cooking, buildings and maintanence, or discovering the back bays of the Boundary Waters, Wilderness Wind has a position for you.  WW is committed to making each person’s experience both challenging and rewarding and is best suited for those seeking personal and spiritual growth.

All positions at Wilderness Wind require a willingness to engage in community living, including sharing responsibilities in staff meal prep and housekeeping.  Regardless of one’s role, staff work together to make WW a hospitable place for all guests, volunteers, and trip participants.

If you have questions or are interested in applying, please contact Stan Bontrager by email (director@wildernesswind.org) or by calling 218-365-5873, and he will be happy to assist you.


Full-time Summer Positions

First Year Trip Leader (late May/early June – mid/late August)  Co-lead with senior trip leaders to teach and empower canoe trip participants on day trips and 1-5 night wilderness canoe trips.  Typical scheduling involves co-leading 1-2 trips per month, providing base camp support at WW during non-guiding weeks. Prior canoeing, camping, and/or backpacking experience preferred.

Senior Trip Leader/Guide (late May-Sept or as needed*)  Provide well-rounded leadership and canoeing experience to teach and empower groups on 1-10 night wilderness canoe trips through the BWCA. Senior guides will solo- and co-lead and mentor new first-year trip leaders. Typcial scheduling involves 1-3 trips per month. Requires WFR certification and prior guiding experience with Wilderness Wind or equivalent.



Base Camp Staff and Logistics Coordinator (late May – mid/late Aug*)  Facilitate logistics for WW and BCM canoe trips and assist with cleaning, maintenance, and general upkeep of Pine Ridge (base camp) facilities. Can combine with other WW positions


Buildings and Grounds Director (May-Sept*)  Coordinate building and maintenance projects and supervise volunteers and staff. Prior experience in construction and carpentry as well as creativity, flexibility, and good communication required.





Kitchen Coordinator (late May – mid/late Aug or Sept*)  Coordinate menu and maintain food inventory for all base camp and trip meals, and lead preparation of meals for volunteers and campers. Take lead in determining staff menu and supplies. Ensure that all working in the kitchen are trained in safe and hygienic food preparation practices.

*dates flexible


PART-time Summer Positions

These job descriptions are part-time summer positions or mix and match positions. Typically, any of these part-time positions become a full-time position when combined with other base-camp responsibilities. Please see the full-time Base-camp positions above for more details.

Lakeside Coordinator (June-Aug*)  Work with WW staff to ensure positive retreat experiences for Lakeside guests.  Responsibilities include communication iwth guests prior to their arrival and coordination of cabin/yurt preparation and cleaning.  Can combine with other WW positions.

Gardener  Creatively design and implement a garden plan for Lakeside and Pine Ridge including planting, transplanting, weeding and harvest as we extend the growing season.  Can combine with other WW positions.

*dates flexible


volunteer positions

Lakeside Hosts  Provide light housekeeping and grounds maintenance for our Lakeside cabins at Armstrong Lake.  Couple preferred.

Driver  Provide safe shuttle services fro groups to and from BWCA entry points in 15-passenger van with trailer. Enjoy listening to stories during the 30-40 mile transport.

Kitchen Assistant  Work with the Kitchen Coordinator to prepare trip meals for campers as well as cook and bake on-site meals for campers, staff, and volunteers.

Maintenance Assistant  Work with Maintenance Director according to interests and skill set.

Builders Roofers and builders with experience in concrete are in especially high demand for 2014.


Additional information for staff: see Staff Benefits and Understandings

We are excited about the ministry of Wilderness Wind and welcome you to consider the diversity of positions available. For more details about these positions and to receive an application for employment, please contact Stan Bontrager at director@wildernesswind.org or 218-365-5873.

Wilderness Wind Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and abides by all valid applicable nondiscrimination laws.