Boundary Waters Lakeside Package – New!

New in 2013 – Combine a Lakeside retreat with a guided canoeing foray into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness with a Lakeside BW package!

If you’re interested in exploring the Boundary Waters by canoe, but not feeling up to the rigors of a full Canoe Trip adventure with Wilderness Wind, we’ve got the solution for you!  Our 5-day package combines an overnight Boundary Waters guided trip with 3 nights in a Lakeside cabin; the 7-day package gives you a 3-day (2 nights) guided Boundary Waters exploration with 4 nights at Lakeside.

Ideal for families with young children, for people with physical restrictions, or for those wanting to ease their way into experiencing the Boundary Waters wilderness, your Lakeside stay will include all the amenities of our standard Lakeside rentals, and the guided canoe trip will allow you to experience first-hand the power of the wilderness and the beauty of unspoiled creation.

Either of these packages can be upgraded to spend your Lakeside retreat time in our Yurt.


Package Pricing 6-7 people 4-5 people 3 people 2 people  Yurt Option
5 Days / 2BW $3,340 $2,700 $2,200 $1,440 add $225
7 Days / 3BW $3,605 $2,905 $2,375 $1,550 add $300