Friends and Other Groups

Wilderness Wind offers people a unique place to get together, without all the of the distractions of modern life.

Recharge and reconnect. Adventure. Be quiet. Lose yourself in the beauty of a sunrise. get dirty. LAUGH. Go fishing.

Wilderness Wind trips begin with a day of orientation at Pine Ridge (base camp) where groups practice their canoeing skills, pack for the trip, and prepare their spirit through a time of informal worship and silent contemplation. For the first-time groups, Wilderness Wind trip leaders will help care for the logistics, orientation, teaching wilderness skills and provide wilderness safety expertise. For the groups with camping and/or canoe experience, advanced options are available. All trips have optional environmental education and/or spiritual components you can select according to your group’s interests.



The duration of each trip is determined by the interest of the group. Though the typical trip is five or six days, we have worked with trips from three to ten days in length.

WW’s most common routes range from 20 to 50 miles, which includes portages. A group of beginning canoeists may average 1 1/2 miles per hour the first day and steadily increase speed and efficiency as the trip progresses. Experienced groups can go 4 to 6 miles per hour. Portages, the land trails where the group will carry their packs and canoes, range in length from 20 feet to more than a mile. As much as we can, we tailor the trip to your group’s interests and will discuss with each group whether they want a lay-over day, what their interests and expectations are and how much of the day they want to paddle.


Wilderness and typical don’t usually go together; nonetheless, there are routines during a day of paddling. Waking, sometimes with the sun, is followed by breakfast, breaking camp (getting bear-bags down and packing up tents and personal belongings) and individual quiet time.The traveling part of the day begins with discussion about the day’s route. Depending on the desired paddling distance and the weather, we may have lunch at our next campsite or continue paddling after lunch. Once a suitable campsite is located, we set up camp and gather fire wood.

Evenings involve time to relax, community meal preparation and conversation. Some groups enjoy one or two “lay-over days” in the course of their trip. Leaving the campsite set up while going on a day trip can create a different rhythm and experience.


Wilderness Wind trip leaders are trained within the Boundary Waters. They know the history, geography and some of the ecosystems you will be paddling through. Trip leaders teach the required skills and facilitate the kind of experience the group chooses.

WW trip leaders will lead group discussions that promote wilderness discovery and care as well as spiritual development. Their priority is to offer you a safe and fulfilling experience that addresses your interests (relationally, spiritually, physically) within this ever-changing wilderness setting. Read more about the benefits of a guide.

Fees include all gear and accommodations during the wilderness trip as well as lodging and meals at Wilderness Wind camp during Orientation Day (one day prior to trip). Click for the complete list of what’s included in the trip fee. For full pricing guide, visit Canoe Trip Rates.

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