Directions & Location

Directions to WILDERNESS WIND:

From Duluth: Take Highway 53 north

From St. Paul/Minneapolis: Take Interstate 35 north and turn north onto Hwy 33 near Cloquet. Take Hwy 33 north until it meets Hwy 53.

Take Hwy 53 north through Virginia. A few miles north of Virginia take the Hwy 169 north exit toward Ely (note that Hwy 169 south to Hibbing comes well before the Hwy 169 north exit). After you travel through Tower, continue on Hwy 169 for about 11 miles. Watch for mile markers as you travel. The turn off of Hwy 169 (Bradach Road) is 8/10ths of a mile after mile marker 274. Preceding this turnoff, Hwy 169 curves to the left, and as you get close to the end of the curve you will note a grouping of mailboxes on the right-hand side. Bradach Road turns off to the right just before the mailboxes. Follow Bradach (first immediately bearing to the right), later a turn to the left and then to the right again. At the top of the hill, stay straight so that you are heading down to the lake (rather than bearing to the left again). Once to the lake, Wilderness Wind Lakeside is to your left.