Day Trips



With the Boundary Waters within a half-hour drive, many Wilderness Wind guests like to experience the serenity of this wilderness area. Canoe or hike in for a day and see pictographs, eat lunch by a rapids or simply soak up the calm of a million acres outside the clamor of civilization. Please make arrangements with the director when you are making your reservations. (Overnight trips are also available).


A few day trip options:

girl in canoeWaterways: Paddle the Burntside River from close to Wilderness Wind into Ely. This mostly undeveloped section of the river features lots of wildlife. We have seen heron, otter, beaver and various ducks along this route. There are a few small rapids to run or walk and three portages. This day trip takes from 4 to 6 hours, depending on how fast you wish to paddle.

Pictographs: This day trip takes you to a popular spot within the Boundary Waters. It takes about 40 minutes to drive to the entry point. The round trip paddle is about three miles and includes two easy portages. One can make this day trip as short or as long as desired. See the pictographs, check out the floating bog ecosystem or bask in the sun to extend the experience.

Lake of Islands: This is a trip for the group that is interested in large water and doesn’t want to drive to get there. Burntside lake is just around the corner from Wilderness Wind, and it offers more than 10,000 acres in which to explore bays and islands and learn navigational skills. This route is great for the group who wants to swim, take the day as it comes and would rather not see a portage all day. Burntside lake is not within the Boundary Waters, and parts of the lake are developed.guy carrying canoe on his head

Quiet Spot: This trip combines the Boundary Waters with more solitude than the Pictographs route. We start with a 40-minute drive and enter the Boundary Waters at popular Lake One. From there we head off the beaten “trail” to a rapids where you hear nothing other than the rushing water and typically see no one. This offers a good place to swim and rest.

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