Wish List

WISH LIST (AS OF Aug 2022)

girl on the lakeshore

Thank you to those who have donated in the past:
  • New deck on the Chickadee Gathering Space in honor or David Janssen.
  • Log splitter – Donated by David Janssen
  • Picnic table – Donated by David Janssen & Randy Pfeifer
  • Benches / night stands – Donated by Karma Grotelueschen
  • New chairs outside cabins – Donated by Brian Rodgers & Laurie Lasseter
  • Quilts
  • Lifejackets for Lakeside guests
  • Gas grill –  Donated by David Janssen
  • Microwave
  • Tables for small yurt to be used as a library.
  • Bikes
  • Time, time, and more time!


Of course we are always in need of new things to enhance the experience of our guests.  Your financial support is really important and a cash donation is easy and allows the Wilderness Wind staff to direct it to the most important needs, be it cleaning supplies or a repair to a piece of equipment.  You are welcome to make a donation with a specific intent in mind (e.g., “here’s $xxx, I would like it to be used to put a new roof on the Wolf cabin”).


Specific improvements we have in mind include:

  • A new roof on Wolf Cabin  (the above example wasn’t hypothetical :) )
  • A sauna has been a long asked about and pondered improvement
  • A new storage shed to allow us to store more of our tools efficiently – built 2022 – needs shelving and benches
  • New mattresses are always welcome
  • A refresh of our towel supply
  • Matching kitchen table and chairs for cabins
  • New septic system – way out there
  • Better water filtering for our guests
  • Improved Electrical service to cabins – done 2021
  • Heaters in cabins for the early and late season periods (Moose and the Eagle Yurt are already heated).
  • Gravel applied  and grading on our approach road
  • (more) new chairs around fire-ring.
  • Bath house interior renovations
  • Cabin exterior repainting.
  • Nature books!

If any of the above intrigue you and you would like to learn more, please contact us.

We’ve also recently learned of the free resource, CapitalOneShopping.com where you can find savings on many items. We really appreciate your support.